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Female clothing stores should really start adding sitting areas for all of us bored boyfriends :(

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever had sex with a girl on her period? What's it like?

valeriienuuh asked:
Ive been backreading your blog, what has happened to the happy and funny romeo i knew? Youve been lonely and sad the past few blog posts. :(

Sorry. I guess depression can really hit a person

Anonymous asked:
Maybe the reason you did better than you thought you did is because, deep inside, you sort of expected it. I'm also sorry for what happened and hope you feel better. As the saying always goes when something goes bad rw, "There are more fish in the sea" and "Things will get better in the end as long as you don't give up" so don't give up :) You have tumblr users who are there for you. .

Thank you and you are right. I think I’m doing better than I thought because 1) I accept the fact that not every relationship will work out and 2) I expected it.

If you tell your significant other to leave and they don’t bother fighting for you it just proves they really don’t give a shit about you.

Anonymous asked:
Keep your head up, handsome.

I’m doing better than I thought I would.

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I tend to write about my relationship problems on tumblr because one, I don’t have anyone to talk to about them or two, I don’t want my problems on other peoples’ shoulders. So here goes.

We have too many damn problems in our relationship. In fact, one problem is I can’t even talk to you about my problems without you yelling at me or trying to flip shit on me. I have insecurity issues, which you’re the cause of. Don’t you see a problem with “oh hey by the way, I don’t trust you” yet you don’t try to do anything to change that? Shouldn’t a boyfriend or girlfriend make their significant other feel better about any situations they’re feeling uneasy with? I sure think so. My insecurities didn’t just sprout from a fucking seed and grow into a tree. Actually maybe it did. You planted that seed though. You’re bipolar as fuck. You get mad or annoyed over the smallest and dumbest of shits. Just the other day you got mad because an In-N-Out worker asked if I wanted ketchup and I said sure but you actually didn’t want it. What the fuck? Or how about when I didn’t stop at the worker holding up the stop sign? I admitted my wrongs yet you still said “I’m so annoyed right now.” I don’t get it. What was there to be annoyed of or mad at? You simply don’t care about how  I feel about things. Everything in this relationship is about you. That’s the underlying problem. I want it to be about us. You want it to be about you.

asmileortwojustforyou asked:
Hope you're okay hun! Ive been there and its hard but you'll pull through <3 Sending love your way from Sydney!!!

Thank you.

levi--corpus asked:
I'm sorry about your relationship, you deserve so much better, if you ever want somebody to talk to I am here for you x

Thank you.

If you don’t trust your significant other, don’t stay with them. Trying to trust them when you really don’t will just waste your time. Do both of yourselves a favor and just end it. The longer you wait the harder it’ll be.